Top Sex Toys Used By Gay Couples

Sex toys are as old as sex itself. Gay couples have been found to be more likely to use sex toys than their heterosexual counterparts. As you would expect in any sexual encounter, sex toys are used to explore the sexual fantasies of the partners. Here are the top toys used by gay couples.

  1. Pet Masks

Pet masks can be great for pet play during the role-playing phase of foreplay. Gay couples may at times want one partner to pretend to be a fox, bunny, or kitten. The couple can agree to use the pet masks upon their discretions – as half or full face masks.

  1. Ben Wah Balls

They come as two lemon–sized conjoined balls with a powerful vibrator inside. Gay couples use them on them to stimulate the pelvic walls and tone the anal muscles. Ben Wah Walls induces a fulfilling organism without requiring one partner to “do the deed”. Ben Wah Balls can be used in combination with beads and other anal toys to make sex livelier.

  1. Dildo

Perhaps the most famous sex toy ever devised by man, the dildo is a must-have toy for anyone who cares to break the rules of sex and explore the world of fantasies. A dildo comes in handy when one gay partner asks his partner to penetrate himself while he’s just seated there, watching. The couple can take turns to stroke each other with the dildo to achieve mutual satisfaction

  1. The Cock Ring

Every discerning gay couple has a C-ring in their wardrobe. The C-ring is a C shaped steel “ring” beautifully wrapped in soft lamb wool or soft acrylic that can be worn on the partner’s penis and rubbed back and forth the whole length of the shaft to induce orgasm. It is an enhanced blowjob.

  1. Bondage Restraints

A gay couple could at times want to keep things as simple as possible by adding a sensual restraint into the play. To do so, the couple would need a ribbon restraint preferably made of satin or silk and 49.5” long. By restraining the partner by the ankles and wrists, one partner can be assured a fuss-free tease fun and bondage play just to light up the foreplay.

  1. Double Strokers (Ticklers)

Ticklers resemble the conventional washing scrub albeit 5.75” long. The sleeve is textured on both sides with a lining of supple fronds and ridges to induce an incredible feeling on the skin. Some ticklers have the two sides of their sleeve covered with two different textures to vary the tickling experience. They’re excellent for gay foreplay.

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